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Censorship of Violence in the Media

Although Congress has slowed its headlong rush to censor violence in the media, more legislation can be expected when the House and Senate return from recess after Labor Day. In the meantime, the drumbeat of demands for "voluntary" action by the producers and distributors of books, magazines, movies, recordings and video games continues. In July, former Education Secretary William Bennett and a number of U.S. Senators held a press conference to launch a petition campaign to pressure the media to adopt codes of conduct that "establish certain minimum standards for violent, sexual, and degrading material for each medium, below which producers can be expected not to go." In reply, ABFFE and other members of the Free Expression Network ( have issued an "Appeal to Reason" that warns against the danger of both government censorship and self-censorship. We urge you to read the Appeal and sign our petition to demonstrate to Washington that you oppose censorship in any form,

Banned Books Week 1999 Starts September 25.
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You can now order promotional material for Banned Books Week 1999 through this web site.  In addition to Banned Books Week Kits, ABFFE is offering a special T-shirt for Banned Books Week that is based on art in last year's hit movie, "Pleasantville." In the movie, citizens of Pleasantville, upset by changes occurring in their town, attack the library and burn books.  An artist protests by painting a mural depicting the book burning. The ABFFE "Pleasantville" T-shirt features art from the mural, which was painted by the noted Los Angeles artist Frank Romero.

Last year, over 600 independent bookstores and 2,500 libraries participated in Banned Books Week, the only national promotion of First Amendment rights.  This year's event runs from Saturday, Sept. 25 through Saturday, October 2. ABFFE co-sponsors Banned Books Week with the American Library Association, the Association of American Publishers and others.


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